Palm Springs Unified Rams serves as only local high school club hockey team

Palm Springs Unified Rams serves as only local high school club hockey team


Cathedral City, CA

Living in the desert, it’s no surprise hockey is not a sport played by many. There is not one local school in the valley with a hockey team. There is one local ice skating rink in Cathedral City called ‘Desert Ice Castle’ and its home to the only high school club team in the Coachella Valley.

"We’re the Rams and we play in the Anaheim Ducks high school league,” Associate coach Brian Maloney said, “It’s the fastest growing hockey league in the United States. "We’re kind of in the outskirts of the Southern California hockey community so we really struggle to put together a full team."

"You don’t hear most people saying, ‘Oh what sport do you play?’,” Palm Desert High School sophomore Reid Balog said. “Most say football, baseball, soccer sometimes, but no one says hockey."

Normally schools compete against each other in sports. Fourteen kids from nine different local high schools form one team. The Palm Springs United Rams. But a place where it’s tough to find ice much of the year, it’s also tough to find high school kids who know how to play on ice.

"There’s not enough kids out here,” Palm Desert High School sophomore Qayz Nurani explained, “We have a great rink, we have a great staff, we just need more people to play with us."

"I really hope it grows out here,” Valog said. “We have a lot of talented kids that just don’t know about the sport yet. It would be great to see a lot of the younger kids get out here and grow into the sport."