Janet Zappala

Janet Zappala


Janet Zappala has been with KMIR since April of 2014 and brings to the Coachella Valley a wealth of knowledge and experience as a news journalist. Janet is a six-time Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter. She is also the recipient of a First Place Associated Press Award that she received in Philadelphia, and a Golden Mike Award that she won in Los Angeles for her report on the man of a thousand voices, Mel Blanc.

Her job has taken her to many cities around the country, including San Diego, Denver and her hometown of Los Angeles. In addition to covering the news, Janet’s passion is helping the Coachella Valley live healthfully. As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Janet felt she could really bring something special to the valley with health and wellness news and information, and that’s how Your Health Matters was born. Making it local, talking with the people who make up our valley, the doctors, the nurses, nutrition and fitness experts, everyday people. They all help Janet get out the information that our residents can use in their own lives every day.

She loves to cook too! Cooking with Janet & Friends is another of her passions, giving Janet a chance to share recipes from many different sources, be it chefs, home cooks, family and of course friends. The show airs every Sunday night at 6:30 on KMIR.

But she’s not always about business, she loves a good laugh, and always finds a way to enjoy what she’s doing, especially when it’s with her kids, a community event, a night out with friends, or spending time with Teddy, her beloved Morkie. Janet’s a big fan of animals and also volunteers at Coachella Valley Horse Rescue in Indio. “Working and watching the people who give so much of themselves to save animals is heartwarming and inspirational. I get out to the ranch as much as I can. Spending time with rescued horses makes me happy.” Traveling, reading and music are also passions of Janet’s. "Life is short, why not make it as fun and as exciting as you can. I want to live my life to the fullest and have no regrets. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family and friends, opportunities, and success. Now living in the Coachella Valley, I feel that I’ve come full circle." 

Janet’s Dad came to live in the valley from L.A. a few years ago after Janet’s mom passed with cancer. "I’m so thankful that I could be here close to my dad. If he needs something, I’m just a few minutes away, and he loves it here too."

The anchor of "First at 4:30," and the co-anchor of the 5 and 6 pm weeknight newscasts with Gino LaMont, Janet says, "It’s never a dull moment. I count myself lucky to be working with great people at KMIR, from management to my news colleagues. But what I love most is being able to interact with the community." She makes it a priority to get involved in valley events in any way she can. "I’m thrilled to be living in the Coachella Valley, and as a California native I’m home."