CVUSD Participates in National Week of Making

CVUSD Participates in National Week of Making


Coachella Valley Region

The Coachella Valley Unified School District participated in President Obama’s National Week of Making, which began last Friday and ended today.  The purpose of the week was to inspire students to create, design and bring their ideas to life.

Almost 1,000 students participated in the activities and got to rotate through more than 20 maker projects that were on display at Toro Canyon Middle School. The students got to answer questions from their peers on why they made their projects and about their creations.  

Students participating in summer school got to create their own maker projects and are getting the opportunity to showcase them over the next month at the districts 2016 Camp Jedi Makers Fair.

"We want our very own students to inspire their peers to become inventors, creators, makers and not just consumers," Darryl Adams said, Coachella Valley Unified Superintendent.  "This is an opportunity to celebrate student ideas, innovation, skills and creativity."

For one student, Enrique Gamboa, his inspiration came from seeing people in need.

"I was watching the National Geographic channel and I noticed that some people were struggling with [muscle problems, lifting objects], so I decided why not help them out."

Gamboa went on to create a prototype that could help people who have no muscle movement in their arms.  Gamboa won first place in the district-wide science fair and competed at state level back in May.  With improvements to be made on his project, he’s now aspiring to become a mechanical engineer.

For more information about National Week of Making visit HERE.