More Bird Rescues from Excessive Heat

More Bird Rescues from Excessive Heat


One indicator of excessive heat is when the birds are even having a hard time getting around, suffering from heat exhaustion.

It’s so hot, birds are literally plopping out of their nests.

"Monday when it was so hot, we didn’t get in anything, nobody was going outside to find them. On Tuesday, is when we got the birds," said Linda York with the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center.

In total, more than 200 birds have been brought in to the bird center in the last ten days.

Many come from Riverside County Animal Services.

"They’re young birds that are just dropping out of the nest, they’re learning to fly. With as hot as it’s been in the valley, it’s too hot, they’re exhausted, they can’t get back in the air," said Sgt. James Huffman with animal services.

The non-profit bird center says the birds have come in with the heat waves.

The first tide was three weeks ago.

"The nestlings, they don’t have a lot of feathers, and they’re gaping, they want to fed, they’re not even thinking of feeding themselves, don’t have a clue and certainly not flying, those probably need to come in."

York says most birds don’t need help, "Most of the time, they’re just nerdy teenagers that have not experienced anything like this, so they’re hot."

That’s right, she just described these guys as nerdy teenagers: getting their water wings if you will.

So if you spot one, there are ways you can help without ruffling their feathers.

"Put a shallow pan of water out for them to drink out of, wet the ground around them to help cool them off, and leave them be for a few hours," said Sgt. Huffman.