Robolights in Danger of Closing Down

Robolights in Danger of Closing Down



A local art display that brought hundreds of people throughout the country to the Coachella Valley is in danger of closing down. 

Robolights creator and local artist Kenny Irwin Jr. has announced via Facebook that his art and light display will most likely be closing this year after more than thirty years of existence. That is because  the city of Palm Springs is demanding Irwin Jr. to fix some safety issues and has placed certain restrictions on his artwork. Those upgrades, according to Irwin Jr., are just too expensive impossible to cope with. "It’s my life’s work," Irwin Jr. said. Robolights is in serious danger of closing down, he added.

Irwin Jr. has dedicated his time for more than 35 years to turn his father’s four-acre home in Palm Springs, into his very own canvas. Four full acres, tens of thousands of hours of effort and nearly 8.4 million twinkling lights that bring people throughout the country to experience a one-of a kind art display..

The city of Palm Springs is demanding Irwin Jr. to make some changes to his art display. The city wants the electrical system in the home to be upgraded, remove the artworks that are displayed around the perimeter of the home and hire an engineer to maintain all his artwork. Those are all improvements that add up to nearly $100-thousand. "I don’t have the financial capability to do all these upgrades," Irwin Jr. said.

The city says it was forced to demand the changes due to a small fire that was caused by one of the art pieces. The city also says it’s not requiring Robolights to close, they have simply asked to fix those safety issues. According to Irwin Jr., if the city does not give him more time to come up with the money, he will sadly have to close.

Irwin Jr. will meet with the city June 30th and ask for one more month to gather the money. He hopes the city gives him at least an extra month.