CSUSB Palm Desert Campus to Expand

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus to Expand


Palm Desert, CA

Some good news for local college students who do not want to leave the valley to pursue their college education. The California State University San Bernardino Palm Desert campus is expanding considerably.

That is if a master plan unveiled by the university is approved by the board of trustees. "We are planning to build out for eight-thousand students, including resident halls some more classroom buildings, some administrative offices and some athletic fields, it’s going to be like a real campus here very shortly," campus dean Sharon Brown-Welty said. If approved, the campus would be so big, it would allow the university to support and additional 7,000 full-time students.

Some of the new features will include a library, student housing,  at least nine more academic buildings, athletic fields and so much more. The expansion is all in an effort to establish California State University, Palm Desert as an independent Cal State University campus. "The goal is that this university is the first choice for our Coachella Valley students, when they are considering a four-year university,” Brown-Welty said. University officials are hoping that having a campus in the valley can attract more students to stay in the valley to get their education," she added.

Brown-Welty says this project could take at least fifteen to twenty years. But, she says the expansion plan is the first step in the right direction. "Attracting more students, having more programs here, more buildings that certainly will get us closer to that point," she said. Students are also excited about the expansion. "I just think it’s a great opportunity for students of any age," C.S.U.S.B. Palm Desert Campus Scott Stockhamer said.

Brown- Welty expects the plan to be approved early next year. That means the first buildings could be up and running in three to four years.