Missing in Coachella: Kasey

Missing in Coachella: Kasey


Any help locating my dog Kasey would be greatly appreciated. Thus far we’ve posted on craigslist, all local pet sites on facebook, personal fb, twitter and snapchat accounts, as well as canvas neighborhoods and post flyers. 

Kasey was last seen Friday, July 8, 2016 around 7pm in Coachella, near Bagdouma Park while at the pet sitters. Kasey is from La Quinta near city hall.

Kasey is a 7 year old, female, German Shepherd. Her muzzle and fur are black, while her belly and legs/paws are white and tan. She is ALWAYS wearing a pink collar with a pink name tag in the shape of a bone with her name engraved on it. 

If found, please contact Stefanie at 760-902-2120 or Dominic at 559-903-9074.