Summer Tourism Spikes In Greater Palm Springs

Summer Tourism Spikes In Greater Palm Springs



Tourism during summer months has increased in the greater Palm Springs area, according to data from the Smith Travel Report.

"Well summer time it’s a little warm. But we have had remarkably successful chill campaign coming out the greater Palm Springs CVB which has attracted a lot of people to the desert," said Tim Ellis of the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau.

While there was no change in tourism in June, the month of May saw an increased hotel occupancy of 3.1 percent with an average daily rate increase of about 2.2 percent.

"This particular hotel (Palm Mountain Resort and Spa) this month will run at 80 percent occupancy, which six or seven years ago ran at 45 percent occupancy. So there’s a huge improvement in the market place," Ellis said.

Some tourists say they stay away from the desert during summer months for reasons related to the weather.

"Frankly there wasn’t any reason for me to come. Summer is too hot and there was nothing really going on during the rest of the year that I wanted to come here for," said Los Angeles native Herbert Samble.

Europeans from Germany to Ireland travel to Palm Springs specifically for the triple digit temperatures.

"Where I come from it rains a lot. So sunshine and the pool and guaranteed weather, that’s why I come to Palm Springs," said Richard Bangor of Northern Ireland.