Hundreds Participate in Black Lives Matter Protest in Palm Springs

Hundreds Participate in Black Lives Matter Protest in Palm Springs



The Black Lives Matter movement continued tonight in Palm Springs, where protesters braved the scorching temperatures and took the streets of downtown tonight in a peaceful demonstration.

About 250 protesters filled the sidewalks of downtown Palm Springs to voice their discontent on police brutality. Overall, it was a peaceful demonstration, but Black Lives Matters supporters hope it was enough to send a clear message to stop police brutality. "Everyone needs to focus in on the murder of black people in America," local activist Ahmses Maat said.

The protest was supposed to be held last Monday, but was postponed due to the terrorist attack in Nice, France. It started at Francis Stevens Park. It originally included a march along Palm Canyon Drive to Baristo Road, but the excessive humidity caused the route to be shortened. However, demonstrators braved the scorching temperatures and marched to Tahquitz Canyon Drive and back to Francis Stevens park for a rally. "The message is love and infinite mind, we have to treat everyone the same," Palm Springs resident Allen Worthy said.  

The Palm Springs Police Department was out in full force and guaranteed a peaceful demonstration.

Meanwhile, many protesters are concerned about how the current police brutality against African Americans will affect future generations. Both young and old say the issue needs to be tackled now. "Most people don’t go out and do these things and it’s important that we do because we are the nest generation and we have to be involved in what is going on in our country," young activist Cinthia Agredano said. The heavy crowds chanted for about an hour. The message end the hate and spread the love. "What we are trying to do is bring more peace to the country not more violence," Agredano added.

Many activists who showed up tonight told me they were proud the demonstration ended without any incidents.