Road Re-striping In Palm Springs Sparks Debate

Road Re-striping In Palm Springs Sparks Debate



A Palm Springs city project to reconfigure a stretch of Farrell Drive is causing some debate between neighbors in that area.

Farrell Drive between East Palm Canyon Drive and Ramon Road is being re-striped and when finished will have one lane in each direction along with a bike path. Before the switch, there were two lanes in each direction with no bike path.

Residents in the neighborhood said the four lane configuration allowed people to at unsafe speeds and are hoping the road re-stripping will slow them down.

"Best thing that ever happened. We’ve only been here for two months, but it allows us now to get in and out of our driveway which comes right out to South Farrell Drive," said resident David Abernathy-Deppe.

Others are concerned that a two lane street will cause traffic congestion.

"That’s one of my complaints too. Getting out of here is difficult now. It was before but at least we had a lane to go into," said resident Antonio Lopez-Cochran.

The city of Palm Springs began discussing the project in June and construction began this month. 

"We are looking to expand our system of bike ways throughout the city of Palm Springs and we looked for streets that had excess capacity. Farrell Drive south of Ramon carries less than ten thousand cars a day and for a four lane street, there isn’t a need for four lanes with that volume of traffic," said Marcus Fuller.