CHP Offers Free “Start Smart” Teen Driving Classes in Indio

CHP Offers Free “Start Smart” Teen Driving Classes in Indio


Indio, CA

For parents it is a whole new world of worry when their teen gets behind the wheel. To solve that problem, the California Highway Patrol offered a free driving class for teens in Indio.

The class is designed to help prepare teens for real-life situations they may face while on the road.  A group of about a dozen teens who attended watched videos and learned the rules of the road. They also learned about the consequences of bad choices, such as texting while driving and how to prevent collisions. A message both students and parents hoped to drive home.  "I need to see and realize how important this is and how I need to be more focused on driving," 14-year-old Indio resident and teen driver Isaiah Wilson said. "It is a hard decision to let him drive, I might as well teach him how to do it safely," Wilson’s mother Nicole Jaeger said.

The group of teens received a certificate of completion after finishing the course. Classes are offered once a month. If you would like to take your teen, you can call CHP at 760-772-8911.