Coachella Focusing on Safe School Routes

Coachella Focusing on Safe School Routes

Martín Di Felice

Coachella, CA

As part of the safe routes to schools the City of Coachella is working to improve the safety and connectivity for students who walk and bike to and from school. Improving paths around schools are a priority.

"All these locations have been selected the closest areas to the schools and the reason is to provide a safe path to all of the students," says Oscar Epsinosa, senior engineer for the City of Coachella. 

The Coachella Valley Unified School District says there are about 18 thousand students in the district and many of them walk or bike to school.
While the city has completed some of the projects that improve sidewalks and paths, they will be rolling out that focus on home to school safety.

"And we also have two other projects that are coming specifically for "Safe Routes to Schools" which is one for this cycle, cycle 10 and the other one is cycle three between both of them it’s going to be about $1.2 million that we have designated for "Safe Routes to Schools".

There will be about 17 miles of sidewalks and paths that will be constructed throughout the city with the help of grant money.

Espinosa says it’s part of the overall plan to improve safety for everyone, "Residents of the area so they can go either walking or riding bikes to schools or other places that they need to go."