Desert Trip To Generate Big Bucks In The Coachella Valley

Desert Trip To Generate Big Bucks In The Coachella Valley


Coachella Valley Region

A new economic study says the much anticipated Desert Trip concert in October will bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the desert.

Desert trip promoter Golden Voice released figures showing the fall concert could generate double the economic impact of Coachella and Stagecoach combined. 

"Unlike the other festivals that come in to town, it’s bringing a fresh new demographic. These are the baby boomers. They have much more disposable income than the younger generation and I think they’ll spend very, very well," said Tim Ellis of the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau.

An estimated $400 million dollars is expected to flow into the desert thanks to the rock concert. 

"These people are going to come from all over the world. I mean, this is probably one of the last chances to see a line up like this and people are going to want to see them," Ellis said.

Hotels in the greater Palm Springs area have increased their daily room rates by as much as 50 percent during the weekend of the concert, some charging up to a $1000 dollars per night.

The two weekend event will feature legendary performers such as the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan.      
"The public relations spin on this is going to be phenomenal. So Palm Springs is on the world wide map once again" said Ellis.