“Road Diets” Being Considered Throughout Coachella Valley

“Road Diets” Being Considered Throughout Coachella Valley


Coachella Valley Region

Cities throughout the Coachella Valley including Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta are implementing what they call "Road Diets."   

On Avenida Bermudas in La Quinta, plans to decrease two lanes in the street and add a bike bath are already underway. 

"We’ve done a number of outreach programs for not just Bermudas but we looked at the village area. There is a general desire to have more pedestrian and bicycle and golf cart facilities in the city so that people can get around in other modes of transportation than just their cars," said Timothy Jonasson with 
the City of La Quinta.

Some residents in the area say motorists drive too fast and hope the road narrowing will slow them down while giving residents in the area more opportunity for recreational activities.

"I think bringing it down to one lane in each direction would be a positive thing it’ll give people an opportunity for  ore biking which definitely occurs on the weekends here," said Mark Mouland, a resident of the La Quinta.

Others believe the change will increase traffic congestion and feel a golf cart lane is a waste of time.

"I’m opposed, but anything that slows down the traffic would help out here because it’s a race track. I don’t see why they should put in a golf cart lane because I’ve seen, in all the ten years I’ve lived out here maybe ten golf carts," said La Quinta resident Mamon Keeley. 

The city of Palm Desert is considering similar plans on San Pablo Avenue. 

"What we’ve found over the last two years, we got a good amount of community input and we do find that people want to walk and ride their bikes when the weather permits more, find ways to get out of their car," said Ryan Stendell with the city of Palm Desert.