Vacation Rentals Taking Over Neighborhood

Vacation Rentals Taking Over Neighborhood



Rick Kondo says there are quite a few short term vacation rentals in his Sunrise Park neighborhood in Palm Springs, but it wasn’t always this way, "We have seen some changes when we originally moved it was a majority owner occupied and over time it’s moved from I believe a majority of homes on the block now are primarily rentals." 

One company called Palms at Park Vacation Rentals already has two vacation rentals on Park Drive in the Sunrise Park neighborhood and they’re in the process of demolishing a home to build a third. Kondo says he’s not against vacation rentals, he says he does have mixed feelings but most of them are no problem.

He admits some are too noisy and he says he’s not okay with companies abusing the system and flooding neighborhoods with short term rentals, "This is zoned as residential property and it’s not for hotels so again where do you draw that line?"

John Schutz, visiting from Canada says he’s enjoying his time in his Sunrise Park neighborhood vacation rental but he thinks if too many rentals are allowed in neighborhoods, communities will lose their charm, the reason people want to rent them over hotel rooms. 

"We have to respect the people that actually live here and every second home should not be a vacation rental … it would take away the feel of what you’re coming to Palm Springs for," says Schutz. 

James Thompson, the Palm Springs City Clerk and Chief of Staff says there are no limits on short term rentals, no limits on how many are in neighborhoods, no limits to how many are allowed on one street, not even for companies. The city says they are in the process of mapping the more than 2,000 short term, single family, home rentals. But this does not include the short term rentals that are operating without permits. The city says once they map the homes they will get a better understanding of neighborhoods that have too many so they can come up with a plan that will work for everyone. The plan may include limiting short term rentals in neighborhoods flooded with them. 

"The City of Palm Springs sells lifestyle and tourism and we do need to continue and continually work with the industry and all stakeholders to achieve the appropriate balance for the City of Palm Springs," says Thompson. 

The city says there is currently a moratorium on apartment buildings from converting into short term vacation rentals. It expires in November and they hope to have the study completed by then and propose regulations by the end of the year.