Will First Family Call Palm Springs Home?

Will First Family Call Palm Springs Home?

Martín Di Felice


 There’s a long history of presidents living and playing in the Coachella Valley. The valley seems to be a non partisan destination for former and current presidents. President Obama himself has visited the valley half a dozen times for official and non official visits. Sources close to the Obama family tell the Chicago Sun Times, First Lady Michelle Obama would like to settle in the Palm Springs area when they leave Washington D.C.. This is not the first time we’ve heard the First Family is thinking of buying a home in the valley.

Palm Desert resident Vincent Battaglia says he wants the valley’s presidential tradition to continue, "We need to continue the reputation of the valley and especially Rancho Mirage as being the playground of the presidents so bringing the Obama family here would be a wonderful thing."

Recently the president said the family will not leave Washington until their youngest daughter finished high school in 2019, but many say a home purchase will have to come a lot sooner. Insiders say California and in particular the Coachella valley seems to be high on first lady’s list of places she’d like to call home.

Most residents we spoke with like the idea of the first family putting down permanent roots in the valley.

"I think it’s a great idea, we’ll welcome him, it’s a great place to live I know he’ll like it, I know he’s an avid golfer so he’ll have lots of places to play," says Norman Taras from Palm Desert. 

"I think that could benefit the community and be a good thing," says Amy Cervantes of La Quinta. 

And Battaglia says the change would be good for the first family, "It would be nothing like gridlock literal and political gridlock in Washington, I think they would love it out here."