Palm Springs Residents Grow Impatient With Unfinished Roads

Palm Springs Residents Grow Impatient With Unfinished Roads



Residents in Palm Springs say they have grown impatient with recently slurry sealed roads that require striping.

While the roads were sealed months ago, many of them are still without designated lanes and residents are wondering what’s causing the hold up.

"Most definitely the city is dragging its feet. It’s been like this for I don’t know exactly how long but I travel this street three or four times a day. Is it an accident waiting to happen? Maybe not here but in certain areas of Palm Springs, I certainly think so. And it’s been, I’m going with minimum, four months," said Palm Springs resident Julie Hewitt. 

"I would like to see them come back and fix it in a timely manner just so that we could have the school ready for the students and everything is ready to go before school," said Palm Springs resident Victoria Granados.

The city of Palm Springs explains streets that have been slurry sealed don’t get striped until all necessary corrections to the slurry seal have been made.

After months of work and over two million square feet of slurry has been laid down, the city’s contractor can now go to work on designating lanes. City officials say they understand why people are so concerned.

"Be patient as we work to deliver those projects. There’s more projects coming. We’re going top be starting on our next city wide overlay contract this summer so more streets are going to be torn up and reconstructed. But I believe everyone will see the results of that patience as we complete all of these street resurfacing projects throughout the city," said Marcus Fuller with the city of Palm Springs.