Forever Marilyn Coming Home Soon

Forever Marilyn Coming Home Soon

Martín Di Felice


"I think she belongs here," says Courtney Delagdo, who is on her annual trip to Palm Springs with her family.

Delgado, like most people who visit Palm Springs after the Forever Marilyn statue left in 2014, says it’s just not the same without the 26-foot statue that used to grace downtown, "We’d always get pictures with my son every year as he grew taller getting up closer towards Marilyn and this year she’s not here, so that’s sad I think she needs to come back."

But fans don’t have to despair much longer. The beautiful, leggy blonde is coming back thanks to an effort led by P.S. Resorts. And on Wednesday, the local tourism group received some good news from the Palm Springs City Council during their general meeting. 

"The city council unanimously gave direction to the city manager to work with P.S. Resorts to give us an easement for a spot in the new park so we can go ahead and  install Forever Marilyn when she’s back," says Aftab Dada, chairman of P.S. Resorts.

But bringing her home will cost at least $1 million, half has already been donated by the Rum Chata Foundation and the rest will have to come from donations. Dada says the group is still in negotiations and they don’t know the final price, but says the iconic work of art is worth every penny. 

"She was here for two years and some of the numbers that we were able to gather that she generated an excess of $2 million dollars in free publicity," says Dada.  

Tourists say Forever Marilyn and Palm Springs are a perfect match. 

"Icons of decades past play a large part in today’s culture here in Palm Springs and it’s one thing that brings this particular tourist back," says Tim Robillard who is visiting the city with his two young daughters. 

The icon is on a boat near Australia, where she was on display outside a museum, on her way to New Jersey for a quick touch up. The plan is for the statue to then make her way home to Palm Springs where she will be housed until the permanent site is ready for her to make her comeback. 

Robillard’s daughters say it best, "Come back home Marilyn, we miss you!"

To donate to help bring Marilyn Forever home, click on: Donate Forever Marilyn