Valley Residents Enjoy Watching Olympics Opening Ceremony

Valley Residents Enjoy Watching Olympics Opening Ceremony

Martín Di Felice

Coachella Valley Region

Here in the valley, after months of anticipation, dozens gathered at local sports bars and restaurants to watch the opening ceremony. Team USA fans say it was great to see such a magestic celebration. While they will be rooting red, white and blue, the gathering of 204 nations for the opening ceremony is a must watch.

As thousands looked on in Rio, the Coachella Valley was not the exemption. Dozens hit local bars to witness the official opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. At the Vue Grill and Bar in Indian Wells, it was a bit of Rio in the Coachella Valley. "It was a lot of dancing and a lot of costumes, and a lot of fireworks," La Quinta resident Cliff Birce said.

The flamboyant feast of Brazilian culture did not disappoint. Opening ceremony was a light and  music extravaganza. It was also a celebration in the valley. For many it was a chance to unwind and appreciate a wonderful spectacle they had planned on watching for several weeks now. "Drinks, food, relax, and enjoy." For others, it was an opportunity to celebrate one of the most important events of the decade. "It’s the spirit of athletes, that’s what everyone is here to watch," Indian Wells resident Karin Barnes said. As the most decorated olympian of all time bore the flag for team USA at the Maracana, many here were reminded the true reason why they love the olympics. "I hope anyone coming from California gets the gold."

Olympic watchers say their favorite part of the ceremony was when Americans arrived during the parade of athletes and of course, we are all expecting team u-s-a to bring home the gold.