Authorities Investigating String Of Burglaries In Palm Springs

Authorities Investigating String Of Burglaries In Palm Springs



A string of commercial burglaries were carried out in Palm Springs on Monday, authorities said. 

Business owners in the area say two restaurants, a nail salon, a donut shop and a tax office all fell victim to burglaries which appear to be carried out in the same manner.

"Basically, they broke in from the front side and broke into the lock and just came in. It’s happened before where they steal our change. It was like $40 dollars," said owner of El Salvador Cafe, Brenda Ayala.

"They broke my door. They took out the key there. They opened all the tables there. I don’t know if they stole something or not. But I don’t have mopey here. Nothing," said Linda Vo, owner of Jacly’s Nails

The burglars appear to be breaking door locks, opening up drawers and grabbing anything of value.

"All of the drawers were open, anything that they could open they did, you know. But they couldn’t find anything of value. I have everything pretty much locked up at night so, as far as I can tell they didn’t really steal anything," said Edgar Rodriguez, general manager of Al Dente. 

The burglaries are being carried out after midnight and one business owner said she has noticed some suspicious activity.

"What really struck me as weird was that they were wearing black hoodies. And just covered and they were trying to steal carts," Ayala said.