Cathedral City Considers Adopting City Charter

Cathedral City Considers Adopting City Charter


Cathedral City, CA

Cathedral City officials will vote Wednesday to place a measure on the November ballot that if passed would create a city charter, according to the city council.

"They have continued to raid our pocket book, they have continued to put in regulations that we may or may not want, but we believe in local control and we want the voters of Cathedral City to have the say and not the state of California legislature," said Gregory Pettis, mayor pro-tem for the city of Cathedral City.

City charters allow a city to have more authority over municipal affairs instead of being bound entirely to the state of California’s general laws and regulations. 

In other words, instead of a one size fits all system a city charter allows the city to tailor make everything from their form of government to public contracts. 

However, some argue that the move would put too much power in the hands of too few. The city disagrees.

"If they take a look at this charter, we have consistently put it back into the voters. We have very clearly said the city council cannot raise taxes without going back to the voters. We have clearly said that the voters are going to have a say in a whole variety of things," said Pettis     

Public opinion changes depending on who you ask.

"It’s a good idea overall. Palm Springs is doing it currently and its residents are very active in what they want and they’ve been getting what they really want," said Palm Springs resident Sayra Lozano.

"I could do a lot of difference but then it does give power to the people that are already in office," said Cathedral City resident Manuel Avila.