Cathedral City Talks Medical Marijuana

Cathedral City Talks Medical Marijuana

Martín Di Felice

Cathedral City, CA

Cathedral City officials held a luncheon at Cimarron Golf Club Wednesday morning to discuss the process for opening a medical marijuana dispensary.

Releaf is scheduled to open on August 15 and city officials say a total of 26 applications to open marijuana dispensaries are in the pipe line. 

The marijuana industry could see growth in Cathedral City thanks to the passage of city ordinances related to the sale and cultivation of medical marijuana.

"We hope that the outcome is that we’ll have new business coming to the city, that they’ll be well regulated so that the public safety and the fiber of our community is protected and that it’s managed in an appropriate manner. And as the council developed the ordinances, that’s really what their objective was," said Cathedral City manager, Charlie McClendon.

There are three types of licenses that are currently allowed under the city’s code. They include a dispensary license, a cultivation license and a manufacturing license. 

While the new business could have a major economic impact on Cathedral City coffers, city officials say they don’t want to count their chickens before they hatch.

"We only have one business open at this point and we have intentionally not built any revenue projections into our budget until we have a little it more history. We don’t want to count on something until it actually develops. That’s not good fiscal planning," said McClendon