Get Ready to Clear the Shelters

Get Ready to Clear the Shelters

Martín Di Felice


Get ready and grab a friend, the National Clear the Shelters Day is almost here. KMIR News and our NBC family are proud to sponsor a day meant to find shelter pets forever homes.

The Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms and the Palm Springs Animal Shelter are both participating by offering low cost adoptions all day Saturday, July 23, 2016.

Dr. Shayda Ahkami, the director and head of veterinary services at the says because their shelter is a no kill shelter, they’re full and need help, "Currently we have over 570 animals this is a huge undertaking for us and we’re really hoping that this event with Clear the Shelters is going to reduce our populations here."

Bunnies, birds, Guinea pigs, big dogs, little dogs, they have a pet for just about everyone and right now the shelter has a lot of kittens.

"We have our kitten boom so it’s kitten season and out in Palm Springs and Coachella Valley … we have maybe two months that we don’t have kittens being born because our weather is so great out here," explains Ahkami. 

Their population grew by dozens recently after the shelter rescued a group of dogs from a sad predicament.

"Twenty-one animals that we were lucky enough to take out of a hoarding situation here in Palm Springs … that were living in filthy quarters … bad, bad situation," says Ahkami. 

During last year’s Clear the Shelters event almost 20 thousand pets found homes nationwide and the Palm Springs Shelter wants to beat last year’s numbers. 

"We want to see all of our animals adopted into loving homes and we’re really excited for this event so we’re going to push more than the 50 mark that we had last year," says Ahkami. 

We hope to see you Saturday at the Clear the Shelters event and we hope you take home a best friend.