Parasite Found In Salmon From La Quinta Costco

Parasite Found In Salmon From La Quinta Costco


La Quinta, CA

A La Quinta man found what appeared to be a parasitic worm in a package of salmon that he purchased from the Costco in La Quinta.

Jose Espinoza, 39, posted a video showing what he said was a parasite in the package of wild caught salmon from Costco.

"I buy the whole salmon. The wild, the fresh, good quality. I bought it that day, was filleting it, you know, and that’s when I noticed there was a worm or parasite substance on the salmon itself," Espinoza said.

Less than a month ago, a Costco costumer in Novato, California found a similar worm in a package of salmon bought there. 

 After making the discovery, Espinoza contacted the manager of the La Quinta Costco. 

"He said it’s safe, there’s nothing wrong with it. You can even cook it and it dies, the parasite. But I told him, you know, I just expected more from Costco and, you know, the quality of the product. I wasn’t going to feed it to my family," said Espinoza.

Craig Wilson, Costco’s vice president of food safety, declined to send KMIR an official statement, but did say that parasitic worms are naturally occurring in fish and although Costco uses a double candling table, which accentuates parasites when fish are being inspected, He said it is virtually impossible to find every worm. 

"I feel like they down played it a little bit and I think that was a bit of my frustration. Because again, I expect a better quality product from Costco," said Espinoza.