Plane Has Hard Landing in Perris

Plane Has Hard Landing in Perris


A plane makes a hard landing in Perris near Goetz Road and Mountain Avenue.

This is an area where people go skydiving and para sailing.
We’re told there were two people on board, and they were not hurt.

The plane was part of the 40th anniversary celebration of Skydive Perris, where vintage planes were being showcased.

Here’s what a witness had to say as he was coming down after a parachute jump.

"I just had pulled in my parachute, my canopy opened, it was probably about 3,000 feet; and I looked down and i saw a huge dust devil down on the runway. And the plane came in and the dust devil just got him. He went left and he went right and then he banked north and ended up going down nose first into the dirt," said Rick Wenninger.  

Several people reported seeing the dust devil.
Again, a small plane makes an hard landing in Perris with two people on board, but no one was injured.