Valley Residents React to Canonization of Mother Teresa

Valley Residents React to Canonization of Mother Teresa


As tens of thousands gathered at St. Peter’s Square to witness the canonization of mother Teresa, Dozens of pilgrims here in the valley gathered at Sacred Heart Catholic Church to celebrate Saint Teresa.

Catholics in the valley believed the canonization was well-deserved and overdue. "I’m so happy about it, she was a wonderful and giving person,” Rancho Mirage resident Tara Meltzer said. They believe that by declaring her a saint, The Vatican ensures she will be remembered for generations.

Howard Lincoln, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, says Saint Teresa not only represents charity, but also the importance of women in the Catholic church. "When people think of Mother Teresa they think of love, of her great belief that every human being on this earth is important," Lincoln said.

It’s that same belief that Pastor Lincoln says has influenced many here in the valley to treat each other with love, respect and equality. "The way that we treat in this area, with this enormous dichotomy between wealth and extreme poverty, I think is because of her example and I hope it makes us reach out even more," he explained.