Labor Day Economic Impact

Labor Day Economic Impact


Coachella Valley Region

The Labor Day holiday means something different to everyone. 

To Aftab Dada, chairman of P.S. Resorts and general manager of the Hilton Palm Springs, this holiday it’s the beginning of the busiest time of the year, "It is the start of the fall season and fall season, typically in the desert, which is October, November has been very, very strong."

This holiday weekend kicked off the season with an economic bang.

"Very strong you couldn’t find a room Saturday and Sunday at any hotel in the entire Coachella Valley … just alone this weekend there is an economic impact of over $40 million in the valley just based on the tourism," says Dada adding that he expects this year’s season to be stronger than ever, "2015 was a record year in the valley and 2016 is pacing to exceed that and we currently have tons of conventions booked in 2017 so I am projecting we will far exceed even 2016 numbers."

But to those who choose the valley as their getaway this Labor Day means:

"Labor Day is a day that we honor for the workforce, everybody obviously works hard year in year out so it’s a great day to take advantage of that with the family and be thankful for having a job and being in the workforce," says Jerry Gutierrez who is visiting for the weekend from Whittier with his family.

"It’s the end of summer it’s the last hurrah, and we look forward to just starting a new year, but we need this little break, this little getaway," says Susan Hoyer, who’s visiting from Carlsbad with her husband. 

And to children, labor day means celebrating  no school.