New Indio Police Chief Makes Community Outreach A Priority

New Indio Police Chief Makes Community Outreach A Priority


Indio, CA

 The new chief at Indio Police Department has been on the job for several weeks now and seems to be wasting no time getting to work.

In light of the recent turmoil surrounding law enforcement around the nation, the new chief spoke about his plans for the Indio Police Department and its relationship with Indio residents.

Although Chief Washburn is only a few weeks into his post, he is no stranger to law enforcement. He spent thirty years as the chief of staff for the Seattle Police Department and kept his eye on over 1,800 employees. 

"One of my goals will be to really strengthen the organization internally, continually build and make sure we have a great succession plan so that folks are very competent, they’re well trained, they know what they’re doing and the organization is healthy and people like to work here. That’s a big deal. When people are happy, they do a better job," Washburn said. 

 When it comes to the country’s mood towards law enforcement, The new chief is well aware of the country’s skepticism. 

"Certainly nationally we have a crisis of trust and working on that, and Indio is in a really good position for that with so much collaborative work that’s already done. We’ll just take that to the next level," said Washburn

While the violent crime rate in the city of Indio spiked last year and this year has already seen five homicides, Chief Washburn’s response is not what you might expect.    

"You really can’t arrest your way out of any major problem so we need our community to work together and all of our partner agencies to include non law enforcement," Washburn said.

At a recent town hall meeting Chief Washburn announced the formation of a citizens advisory panel to the chief of police.

"I of course, like anybody else, I like to get great feedback and hear what a wonderful job we do. But the most important feedback is when we’re falling short of expectations or there are concerns," said Washburn.