Valley Flu Season 101

Valley Flu Season 101


The flu season is on it’s way to the Coachella Valley, not here yet, but doctors say get ready.

They suggest you get your flu shot soon, and not a nasal spray either.

"With the cold you’re going to have the upper respiratory symptoms, the runny nose, the cough, in the flu they present a lot of those, but you also get the body aches and fevers," UCR resident Physician Steven Nguyen.

At Eisenhower Medical Center they’re already vaccinating staff this week.
"We strongly advocate that patients usually in October or November. There’s really no time cut-off, our peak season for flu each year is somewhere between December and March," said Dr. Frank Domzalski, M.D.

The flu nasal spray is popular with children, but not this year.
"The CDC has recommended to no longer use the nasal flu vaccination," said Dr. Domzalski.

That’s because studies show the spray was not effective the last three years.
So instead, go for the shot.

"Some concerns that a lot of people have is that the flu shot will give them the flu, and that’s not the case, you may have some cold symptoms and flu symptoms, but you don’t actually become ill from the flu," said Dr. Nguyen.

Doctors at Desert Regional Medical Center and Eisenhower some advice.
"Always really, the most important preventative aspect is handwashing," said Dr. Nguyen.
"If you’re exposed to anyone with the flu be sure that you try to isolate yourself, you have children that have the flu, we recommend you keep them out of school," said Dr. Domzalski.

So there’s your flu 101 as we approach fall and flu season.

Both Eisenhower Medical Center and Desert Regional Medical Center have flu clinics coming up.

Desert Regional even has free flu vaccines for seniors. The first coming up on Friday, September 16th.