Indio School Changes Homework Policy

Indio School Changes Homework Policy


Indio, CA

On Tuesday parents whose children attend Mountain Vista Elementary School in Indio received letters informing them there would be a new homework policy. While some students thought it meant no homework, the principal, Valerie Perez says that’s not the policy. 

"I want to clarify it doesn’t mean no homework it’s just a change and a restructure of our current homework policy we’ll still expect students to complete unfinished work, family projects and read every night," says Perez. 

Perez says instead of students spending hours doing traditional homework, they will finish any classwork they did not complete and read for at least a half hour every night and summarize what they read. Perez says students will still be assigned special projects. She says the decision was made after a lot of research that showed no correlation between homework and grades. 

"And the stress it causes on our students as well as parents so why not start at the beginning of the year, refocusing our homework policy and making an effort to make change and see if we see our scores and our testing go up because we’re not here to teach to a test, we’re here to teach standards and build literacy," says Perez adding that if the policy doesn’t show results it will be changed.  

Perez also says the decision has nothing to do with teacher contract negotiations with the district. 

The school is the first in the Coachella Valley Unified School District to implement the policy. 

Parents and students we spoke with say they like the new policy because it relieves some of the stress and gives them more family time.