Valley Residents Ready for Sweater

Valley Residents Ready for Sweater


Coachella Valley Region

Gloomy weather is making valley residents anything but gray.

"I really like it because it’s like gloomy and I don’t know it makes me feel happy," says Yvonne Carrillo from Cathedral City.

Everyone we spoke with is welcoming the possibility of showers.

"This is wonderful, I wish we had more of this but if it rains it’d be that much better," says Erik Price from Cathedral City. 

Steve McPherson agrees, "Oh, I like it it’s cooling down a little bit, I’d like to see a little bit of rain, we need the water really badly," who adds that he knows this weather may bring dry lightning and that’s why he’s prepared for anything, "we do have a cabin up in the mountains we cleared some brush around the area we cleared about 200 feet from the cabin  to try to protect it but yeah we’re very worried about fire."

But more than anything valley residents are ready for sweater weather. 

"I think it’s amazing it almost feels like it’s getting there to the you know winter weather and I just I’m excited for it and I honestly can’t wait for it to get a lot colder," says Palm Desert resident, Kimberly Wescott.

"Absolutely love it, done with summer, cold weather is awesome," says Cathedral City resident Kris Wedekind.