Apparent Teacher Sick-Out Continues at Coachella Valley Unified Schools

Apparent Teacher Sick-Out Continues at Coachella Valley Unified Schools


Coachella Valley Region

For a third time in just a week more teachers from the Coachella Valley Unified School District have called out sick.

According to the district, teachers called out from Coachella Valley High School, La Familia High School, Cahuilla Desert Academy, Valle del Sol Elementary, Oasis Elementary, Mecca Elementary and John Kelley Elementary.

A student from Coachella Valley High School tells us that students have been sent to the gym and an auditorium. 

Parents picked up students at Cahuilla Desert Academy.

Students from Coachella Valley High School and Desert Mirage High School walked off campus Tuesday morning in support of Coachella Valley Unified School District teachers who have been in an ongoing battle over contract negotiations for more than a year.

On Monday 21 of 52 certificated teachers from Saul Martinez Elementary and 25 out of 44 certificated teachers from Coral Mountain Academy called out sick.

Last week, 52 of 75 teachers at Desert Mirage High School also called out sick. C.V.U.S.D said they would be looking into these abnormal absences.

Here are the numbers: 

Coachella Valley High School = 102 Total Teachers, 61 absences

La Familia High School = 10 total, 8 absenses

Cahuilla Desert Academy = 45 Total, 34 absences 

Valle del Sol Elementary = 40 Total, 21 absences 

Oasis Elementary = 33 Total, 13 absences

Mecca Elementary = 40 Total, 16 absences 

John Kelley Elementary = 37 Total, 16 absences 

Statement from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Darryl Adams

“It’s obvious that the extreme number of teacher absences at some of our schools today are not what we have been previously referring to as an “anomaly”, therefore we are investigating why this is happening. A phone call went out yesterday evening informing the school community about our special board meeting being held Thursday at Coachella Valley High School. The Board of Trustees and I will be discussing the status of negotiations with our teacher’s union, as I believe we are close to a resolution. My hope is that today’s large number of teacher absences does not occur again and we all can refocus on what’s important, which is the safety and education of our students.”