Palm Springs City Council Passes Hotly Debated Gun Law

Palm Springs City Council Passes Hotly Debated Gun Law



The Palm Springs City Council voted in favor of a  gun measure in it’s regular meeting on Wednesday night.

The measure requires all firearms in the home to be stored in a locked container or with a trigger lock. Gun owners would also have to report a lost or stolen gun within 48 hours and it would make it illegal for concealed weapons or ammunition to be stored in an unattended vehicle.

"I am so proud of our city council for approving this gun ordinance. It just speaks to the level of concern and compassion that Palm Springs city council has," said Palm Springs resident Denise Janssen Eager.
The city ordinance was first introduced by council member Geoff Kors in the wake of the Orlando shooting that killed 49 people. According to Kors, the law focuses more on gun safety then gun control.  

"It’s mostly to prevent accidental shootings and to prevent lost or stolen guns being used in a crime. Those are things we can do within the restrictions or the second amendment and that can make a difference," said Kors.

Not everyone is convinced the new law was adopted for the right reasons and critics began voicing their discontent from the outset of the proposal.

"I was here two weeks ago and I called it a temper tantrum in response to what happened in Orlando. In the intervening two weeks, neither myself nor anyone in the opposition has received any communication from city hall to sit down and work out a compromise," said Palm Springs resident and second amendment proponent Andrew Hirsch.

"Time to really discuss this gun issue doesn’t seem to be of the essence. It’s just trying to get out there and get media attention on a national level," said Palm Springs resident Phyllis C. Burgess.