Rain Ready in the Desert

Rain Ready in the Desert


There’s an old saying that it doesn’t rain in California, but that it pours in California. 

A downpour can take a toll on your home and vehicle.

Rain is rare in the valley, but with measurable precipitation the past couple days, you may have noticed some problems with a leaking roof, bald tires or broken windshield wipers.

"Using my windshield wipers I felt like I wasn’t getting a clear view and so that’s I definitely want to change is to buy some new windshield wipers," said valley visitor, Adam Sacks.

Auto shops say there are other parts you’ll want to check on your car to be rain ready.

"Number one is the tires, make sure there’s no threading and number two is the windshield wipers, that’s another key element, and the third would be the brakes," said Fred Pringle with Mountain Tire & Auto Service.

The risk of hydroplaning, or sliding uncontrollably, goes up with bald tires.

"You start dancing, you start swerving, you start going all over the place and it could be dangerous, it could be unsafe for people. Not just you, but also the people around you," said Pringle.

Besides your car, your home also needs to be rain ready says a local roofing contractor.

"We see a lot of landscape debris plugging up roof drains, lack of maintenance to the actual roof itself, roofs should be looked at, at least once a year," said Roof Tile Specialty owner, Bill Thomas.

You don’t want to spring a leak, and holes from a/c units, satellite dishes can cause problems.

"There’s simple things you can do to walk around the perimeter of your house and look at your overhangs after a rainstorm and look for dampness on the overhangs, that’s a good sign that your roof is failing, or you do need some kind of service," said Thomas.

Some words of advice to be rain ready as we dry out, but of course many just enjoyed the rare rain.

"I love the rain, it was great, it was such a relief from the hot weather," said Sacks.

Thankfully, we didn’t hear of any serious accidents due to the rain, but police do note that they saw more than the usual number of fender benders.