Dodgers Legend Vin Scully Offers Final Press Conference

Dodgers Legend Vin Scully Offers Final Press Conference


Los Angeles, CA

His final game is October 2nd and the legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully will officially hang up his microphone cord after the Dodgers regular season finale in San Francisco against the Giants.  But Saturday, the Dodgers hosted media from around the world: Montreal, Japan, England, South America and more, for his final press conference. 

"All I feel is thanksgiving," Scully told the assembled media. "The Lord has blessed me. He game me this job at such a youthful age. And allowed me to live and do it 67 years. What am I going to say? Darn it, why didn’t I get number 68? Or anything like that? No. I am totally at ease. So thankful, grateful."

And fans around Dodgers Stadium were grateful to Scully for his decades of powerful story telling, gracious humor and wonderful friendship over the airwaves. 

"Vin Scully is an awesome awesome broadcaster," said Palm Springs resident Joe Ramos who was visiting Dodgers Stadium for the game. "He always will be remembered and it brings us back as a little kid hearing his voice and watching the ball game with my dad… Brings a lot of memories. It’s hard to replace somebody like that." 

We ran into a writer from Japan who says Scully was the person who taught her the English language. "I came here in ’92 and at that time I didn’t have any ability to speak English. But I love baseball so I watch the Dodgers game," says Mika, a Japanese sports writer. "Of course I listen to Mr. Scully, and he’s my English teacher."

Other fans told KMIR they traveled hundreds of miles to be at the game and spend time reminiscing about the voice of the Dodgers and what he meant to them. We spoke to fans in the 80s and 8-year-old fans, illustrating the great impact of a man who meant so much to generations of sports fans. 

Incredibly, Scully says he fell in love with baseball as a young boy watching the New York Giants, the date of his first memory: October 2nd 1936. Exactly 80 years, to the day, that he’ll call his final game. Hollywood couldn’t touch that kind of story line. 

Meanwhile, on the mound, Clayton Kershaw took the ball for the Dodgers and the Boys in Blue had a chance to clinch the NL West and shower in champagne just to add to the story book final days for Scully.

They needed a win and were rooting for the Giants to lose in San Diego. Well the Dodgers took care of their end, not tough with Kershaw on the mound, but the bats were lively tonight. The Dodgers hammered the Rockies, Josh Reddick added a grand slam to the impressive offensive output. Final 14-1. 

And despite a valiant effort by the Padres, coming back from a 6-0 deficit in the 4th inning, the Giants won in San Diego 9-6 in extra innings, staving off the Dodgers division clinching celebration.