PSUSD Offers New Program Aimed to Boost Middle School Girls’ Self-Esteem

PSUSD Offers New Program Aimed to Boost Middle School Girls’ Self-Esteem


Coachella Valley Region

The women of Coachella Valley are taking under their wings young ladies who are just beginning to find their way in the world.

The new program called "Lady Lead" was first launched at Painted Hills Middle School.

The program introduces young girls to a world of possibilities and encourages them to find their voices.

"For young girls these days because of the social media pressures; because of the popular culture; a lot of emphasis on body image and so forth….So we really want to promote for girls feeling good about themselves; taking their own development seriously, being students, being scholars, being athletes, being all those things they want to pursue in their life," said PSUSD Arts Coordinator Louisa Castrodale.  

"It’s something needed in our community, something girls especially need. I like that it’s something really specific to girl and tailored to their specific needs. Especially in adolescence and middle school when they start to ask questions, and they start to form relationships, such as peer relationships or peer to adult relationships,’ said Carlos Flores, Principal of Nellie N. Coffman Middle School. 

The program will travel to different middle schools within the Palm Springs Unified School District. Each middle school will receive two visits this year.

"Lady Lead" has a presence on social media which includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

They are also planning to produce podcasts with women of note here in the Coachella Valley.