Wednesday’s Top Sports Stories


Normally, a Midwest baseball team and their GM agreeing to a contract extension wouldn’t make the sports news here in the Coachella Valley. 

But when that GM leads one of the most famously terrible franchises to the most wins it’s seen since horse and buggies roamed the roads, he deserve some cudos. So here you go Cubs fans. The Chicago Cubs and General Manager Theo Epstein have agreed to five-year contract extension. Terms were not released. 

He’s the architect of a stunning turnaround that’s delivered thus far, 101 wins. That’s the most since 1910 and just 4 years ago the Cubs lost 101 games. 
But this year, they are heavy favorites to win the World Series. It’d be their first since 1908. 
And of course Epstein is the same guy who helped the Boston Red Sox their World Series championships and ended an 86-year drought. Can he do the impossible again? Dodgers fans are hoping the answer is no and the Boys in Blue are the reason. 

The post season begins October 4th. 

And the Ryder Cup gets under way Friday at Hazelteen National in Chaska, Minnesota. But Tuesday was team photo day and that means only players and team captain are in the shot. But Tiger Woods didn’t get that memo. As Vice-Captain he’s not supposed to be in the picture. But he joyously lined up like you or I would in our 1st-grade photo, smiling for the moment. When the photographer gently nudged him out, only to watch him move to the other side, he had to correct the Hall-of-Famer once again. But they all had a good laugh about it and considering the last Ryder Cup squad was known for it’s squabbles, most notably, between our own CareerBuilder Challenge Ambassador, Phil Mickelson, and then, Captain Tom Watson, it’s nice to see and hear the team has some chemistry. 

Mickelson told assembled media, "This is a year where we feel as though, Captain Love is putting us in position to succeed. He has been taking input from all parties. He has made decisions that have allowed us to prepare out best. To be ready to play our best and I believe we will play our best…"

From a very calm Phil to another local sports personality, albeit more animated.
Former NFL head coach Jim Mora, a very nice man and very famous for one of the greatest sports rants in history is adding to it. When a New Orleans sports anchor asked Mora if the Saints’ season is over after losing their first 3 games. WATCH VIDEO: HILARIOUS. 


– Tim Tebow stepped to the plate for his minor league baseball team and hit a home run. The Internet exploded. 

– The Angels beat the Oakland A’s in a battle for irrelevance.

-The Dodgers drop their 2nd straight game to the Padres, making it tougher to nail down home field in the playoffs. 

– In NFL News, the Seattle Seahawks signed CJ Spiller to a 1-year deal to add some speed and depth and more injury-prone players to their backfield.