Will Desert Trip Make Music History?

Will Desert Trip Make Music History?


Coachella Valley Region

The Rolling Stones. Paul McCartney. Bob Dylan.

Some people may not need to hear another word before they pull out there credit card and charge a couple of tickets because they understand the impact the legendary artist have had on the music industry. 

"The Z-generation, go ahead and check it out because you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’re unfamiliar with these three acts they’re truly legendary," said Jon Heredia of Rancho Mirage. 

But there may be some people who don’t quite understand the gravitas that performers like the rolling stones, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan bring to the table. 

"What’s special about these six performers is they’re really icons of an era and that really hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years if you think about it," said Michael Felci of Cord Media.

While many of us think of Taylor Swift when we consider today’s biggest singer-songwriters Felci explains there is one guy who started it all. 

"Dylan, he’s known as the spokesman of his generation. He was the first one to show that you could really be a successful singer-songwriter. And that term really comes about from him, said Felci."

Expectations for the concert are high and even if the players aren’t in their prime, music lovers of a generation past say there will never be any other artist like them.

"It’s fabulous. It’ll never happen again," said Sybil Garafolo.

"These guys still have it, I will say that. I mean you can’t go there expecting 1966, because that’s not going to happen. However, this is a historically significant gathering and I don’t think you’ll see the likes of it ever again," Felci said.