Ferrigno Legacy Inspires Fitness At All Ages

Ferrigno Legacy Inspires Fitness At All Ages


Rancho Mirage, CA

The 4th Annual Ferrigno Legacy Show gets underway this weekend at The Show at Agua Caliente. And the founder, body-building legend and Hollywood icon, Lou Ferrigno says his passion for health and fitness catapulted his success and he hopes that same passion is on display for the competitors and spectators alike. 

KMIR caught up with the icon to discuss the growing sport, the new-found scientific approach and how inspirational some of the competitors are. 

"It’s not about getting in shape this weekend, it’s about the homework that’s done before," Ferrigno tells KMIR. "It’s bringing your muscle with you and your smile… and you’re allowed to have fun."

A lot of people looking from the outside-in see the sport of body-building as a highly technical and rigorous sport. And in many ways, the industry of body building has gone from being very unhealthy to now being very scientific and women and men are reclaiming their health through body building competitions.

Ferrigo agreed, "Because you come a show like this and you get inspired and you come back and compete the following year," he explains. "When I started body building in my teens, you didn’t see women working out, but now their competing in the 40s, 50’s, 60s … because it’s all about passion."

The title sponsor for the Ferrigno Legacy, Dr. John Carr, who’s developed a supplement line that helps body-builders and fitness competitors says watching the sport grow from "locker rooms" to main stages has been rewarding and he credits the advancements in technology opening the sport up to those who may not be genetically gifted, but are determined. 

The Ferrigno Legacy gets underway Saturday and runs through Monday with a variety of events. Tickets can be purchased at http://www.FerrignoLegacy.com