New Report: Rio Doping Program Had “Serious Failings”

New Report: Rio Doping Program Had “Serious Failings”


Among the many problems at the Rio Olympic Games, a new report by the World Anti-Doping Agency says the 2016 Rio Olympic anti-doping program had "a number of serious failings." 

The anti-doping agency based in Montreal released the report Thursday, which was compiled by its independent observer team on on the Rio Olympics.

But among the failings cited in the 55-page report were that several athletes earmarked for testing in Rio "simply could not be found." 

The report also said there was "little or no in-competition blood testing in many high-risk sports" at the games.

WADA blamed the failings on staffing issues, resource constraints and other logistical difficulties.

It also included the notion that the Rio anti-doping program included "some impressive advances." But considering how far advanced the cheaters are in front of the system, this is more of a set back. Especially in light of the massive doping scandal that engulfed Russia and eliminated many of their athletes from competing in Rio.