Mail-In Ballots A Problem For Some Voters

Mail-In Ballots A Problem For Some Voters


Riverside County, CA

Anytime you have over 100 million people doing anything, there are bound to be problems and casting a vote for president is no exception.

The election is less than a week away and some voters in Riverside County are already becoming anxious. 

"Most of the phone calls we get are people trying to make sure that they’re registered to vote…find out where their polling place is, find out if their vote by mail has been issued and if they returned their vote by mail, if we’ve received," said Rebecca Spencer, Riverside County Registrar of Voters.

Across the country, people have complained about increasingly long lines, malfunctioning machines, incorrect information on voting requirements and even intimidation at polling places. And for those who have not yet received a ballot in the mail, you’re not alone.

"If voters haven’t received their ballot in the mail, there is some ballots still going in the mail today. That’s for the last minute registration card that came in post marked by the twenty fourth. Those have all been processed and so the last of them will go in the mail today," said Spencer.

Meanwhile, Some have found the opposite to be true. 

"I mailed in my ballots and these are the stubs. I mailed them in day before yesterday. And yesterday when I picked up my mail, I found another ballot waiting for me," said Rancho Mirage resident, June Dyer.

While up to three ballots are allotted for registered voters who accidentally lose or damage their vote-by-mail ballot, an unsolicited ballot begs the question, is it possible for individuals to cast two votes? 

"We can issue up to three replacement ballots and all of that is tied to one voter record. So as soon as one ballot is returned it voids out the rest of the ballots," Spencer said.

For those who are concerned about the potential for electronic voter machine hacking, the Registrar’s office says precautions are being taken.  

"None of the electronic voting machines are connected to the internet. So they’re free standing units. They have a number of seals on them that the poll workers have to check to make sure that the seals have not been tampered with," Spencer said.