Record Turnout Expected at Riverside County Polls

Record Turnout Expected at Riverside County Polls


Riverside County is expecting a record number of voters this Election Day in part because we now have a record number of registered voters in the county.

The Registrar’s Office in Riverside is bustling with a steady stream of voters showing up to vote early, or drop off ballots.
Thousands of people will be working on Election Day at nearly 600 polling places across our large county.

More than 275,000 vote-by-mail ballots are being processed, and many more are on the way to the Registrar’s of Voters in Riverside.

"We’re most definitely excited to say that we’ve reached 1,020,000 registered voters for the very first time…we’re actually expecting a 70 to 78% record turnout in Riverside County," said Assistant Registrar of Voters, Art Tinoco.

For this past June primary just 44% of registered voters turned up, but in the November 2012 election almost 71%, and back in 2008 a whopping 78%
That means a lot of work here.

"Some of the challenges I would say is making sure we have sufficient ballots for our polling place voters at polls and making sure that we’re ready for that type of voter traffic coming into our office," said Tinoco.

Already lines of cars were waiting to drop off ballots, and they have a small city of workers to handle the rush.

"We actually have hired a little over 3500 election officers. In addition to that we have about 400 permanent county employees working here at our office," said the assistant registrar. 

Tinoco says they’re already working hard to get early ballots counted.
"Those results we cannot release until 8pm on Election night, however it is nice to start processing now so we can get those results ready." 

Early voting is still available but only in Riverside at the Registrar’s office on Saturday and Monday.
And then Tuesday, Election Day, polls open at 7am and close at 8pm.