Doing Good: Helping A Veteran’s Family

Doing Good: Helping A Veteran’s Family


Desert Hot Springs, CA

KMIR showed up on the doorstep of Jill Weaver after her coworker, Kim Walther, nominated her for our "Doing Good" segment. Walther explained that Weaver was an extraordinary person who was going through a lot. She said Weaver has been unable to work since her husband 36-year-old Michael Jerome was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stomach cancer. She writes that Jill and her husband have two young children and are two of the kindest people she’s ever met. On top of that, Jerome didn’t hesitate put his life on the line serving our country for three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  
Sadly, Weaver lost the love of her life, Michael Jerome, just days ago.

"He was just a fighter in every sense of the word, he fought until the very end," says Weaver. 

KMIR gave the family a cash donation to help with their expenses 

"To everybody whose been a part of this and has contributed, I’m very, very grateful," she said.

If you want to help the Weaver family, you can donate to their GoFundMe page click here: Weaver Family Fund