CC Police Training to Detect Drugged Driving

CC Police Training to Detect Drugged Driving


Cathedral City, CA

If California legalizes recreational use of marijuana, what will that mean for safety on the roads?

AAA says after Washington state legalized pot, the number of fatal crashes involving a driver who recently tested positive for marijuana use more than doubled.

The Cathedral City Police Department is hosting a special training course on drug detection.

This training will also help, if Prop 64 passes, legalizing marijuana in California.

"Inevitably, if Prop 64 does pass by the voters we will most certainly see a impact, not only locally but across the state. Impaired driving will increase and that is something we need to be prepared for," said Chief George Crum of Cathedral City Police.

Chief George Crum asked the California Highway Patrol to bring the drug recognition expert school to cathedral city.

He’s the only police chief in California who is also a certified instructor.
The officers training are from across the valley and state.

"So what we teach the officers is what each drug category will do to a person in terms of impairment, where that drug falls within the category is where 

A field sobriety test that would still apply to other drugs.
"The officer makes whether or not to affect an arrest at that point in time. Once that individual is brought back to custody facility then yes, a blood test could have to be performed in order to actually determine the content of the blood," said Chief Crum.