Desert Hot Springs City Council Says No To Homeless Shelter

Desert Hot Springs City Council Says No To Homeless Shelter


Desert Hot Springs, CA

The plan was to build a homeless shelter in Desert Hot Springs.

"The mayor and I wanted to discuss this with the public as a whole and with the council in particular, and put ourselves in a position that we took a stance saying we want to participate in this and we want a program that will work," said Desert Hot Springs Mayor Pro-Tem Joe Mckee 

In a three to two vote the Desert Hot Springs City Council voted against moving forward with plans to build a "hybrid" version of a homeless shelter. This comes at a time when Roy’s Desert Resource Center, the only homeless shelter on the west side of the Coachella Valley, will be closing it’s doors. 

"It’s mostly closing because the present group that runs it has stated they are not going to renew any contract because their losing money on it. We’ve talked to all the other non-profits in the area that deal with homeless shelters and none of them are interested in it," said Mckee.  

The proposed shelter would have created programs to keep people from losing their home and provide quick re-housing services for those who who have fallen into homelessness. But not everyone on the Desert Hot Springs City Council agreed.

"Down at the CVAG public safety committee, we had a detailed discussion on the impacts and they are significant. Especially to local businesses, shopping, panhandling and other problems. There no doubt that we need to help the homeless but this city just cant absorb that impact."   

Residents in Desert Hot Springs agree.

"We don’t have the resources to support such a big endeavor," said Desert Hot Springs resident Vilma Cuevas.