The Future of Roy’s Homeless Shelter

The Future of Roy’s Homeless Shelter


NORTH PALM SPRINGS — Rumors are swirling that one of the few homeless shelters in the Coachella Valley will be closing.

"First of all I heard they were going to close Roy’s Resource Center and I was like no way Jose, this can’t happen," said Judy Shea, president of the Desert Hot Springs Community Task Force.

Shea started a homeless shelter in Desert Hot Springs which they closed when Roy’s Desert Resource Center opened almost seven years ago.

The problem now is money.

"The contract for managing Roy’s with Jewish Family Services terminates June 30th, they announced they were not renewing their contract, we looked for other providers there were none. They are actually out of pocket to fund the program," said Palm Desert Councilman Sabby Jonathan.

Funds going to Roy’s have decreased over the years, and not every city is contributing.

"Cities have to cough up the money there were supposed to and have this facility open 24 hours, not 12, that’s horrendous and that was never the intention to begin with," said Shea.

So what is the future for the homeless shelter?
"Roy’s is not closing, it is transitioning, the physical building will occupy a mental health type clinic and Roy’s will be reinvented in a location yet to be determined," said Janathan.

The county behavioral health facility will run 24 hours a day, and the committee for Roy’s is looking for a new home for a smaller shelter.

"We really don’t need that many beds if we use these other models that have come along since 2009 to rapidly rehouse people, but more importantly we’ll have the opportunity to use this as a behavioral health facility," said Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit.

Supervisor Benoit says the building will still carry the name of his predecessor, Supervisor Roy Wilson.

"This will be Roy’s, it’s not closing, it’s transitioning, there’s some overlap, but a new role," said Benoit.

A big issue was transportation because of the location in North Palm Springs
They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The next meeting will be January.
Roy’s will remain a shelter until July.