“Seniors for Seniors”: Senior Citizens Adopt Senior Pets

“Seniors for Seniors”: Senior Citizens Adopt Senior Pets



It was a heartwarming, tail-wagging day at Stonewall Gardens where residents adopted aging cats and dogs from the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

“If you do animal years- they’re over 55 easy,” said Marijane Alanize, a Palm Springs Animal Shelter Volunteer. “So we’re trying to adopt them out to senior people.”

An anonymous donor paid for the first 5 seniors’ adoptions.

One resident, who just moved in a week ago, adopted a feline friend.

“I lost my guy after 23 years so I really needed something and I felt like it would be nice to have a cat,” said Gary Hearty. “He’s a tough cat. He looked like he may have had street experience. I really like that rather than pampered. He doesn’t look pampered.”

A few of the older pets are still looking for forever homes, like a dog named Gladiator.

If you’re interested in adoption, contact Palm Springs Animal Shelter at 760-416-5718.