Robolights On?

Robolights On?



Kenny Irwin says he’s been working on this art installation since he was 12-years-old, "A labor of love I put in 3-4000 hours of my own effort into it, I create all the art by myself."

During the holidays it’s known as Robolights. Art combined with close to 9 million lights have made this holiday lights display a desert tradition for the past 30 years.

"It’s a unique visionary art experience combined with lights during the holiday period," says Irwin.  

Irwin says being Muslim doesn’t contradict with the Christmas theme rather it’s a universal message meant to inspire, "In Islam it’s called noor and the way I see it you know instead of people cursing the darkness, light it up one light at a time … It’s an all inclusive celebration of humanity in hopes you know that people come together."

And while he plans to open Robolights to the public the day before Thanksgiving. The city of Palm Springs says Irwin has to make a few changes before they allow people onto the property. The issue: large inflatable characters on the roof.

"We have a public safety concern that if there’s a high wind those things will come loose and potentially injure or even kill someone that would be in the way of those inflatables," says City of Palm Springs Assistant City Manager, Marcus Fuller.

Irwin says that’s a non issue, "If there’s a big wind storm i simply deflate the Santa and the Godzilla holding the giant candy cane," adding Robolights will go on as planned for the community he loves, "I want to deliver the most unique wonderful experience they could ever treasure you know in their lifetimes."