Palm Springs Locals Launch Petition to Rezone Oswit Canyon

Palm Springs Locals Launch Petition to Rezone Oswit Canyon



A grassroots movement is taking action by pen and paper.

Their goal: to stop development in Oswit Canyon.

The land is home to popular hiking trails and endangered animals.

“It is home to big horn sheep and needs to be preserved for future generations,” said Jane Garrison, spokesperson of Save Oswit Canyon.

 A natural formation makes Oswit Canyon an eco-tourist destination.

“Well, Oswit Canyon is an alluvial fan that is home to over 32 threatened and endangered species,” said Garrison.

 This all began when a developer proposed to build more than 100 homes in the canyon. Some locals say the land needs to be classified as environmentally sensitive.

“What initially drew me to Palm Springs, almost fifty years ago, was the natural beauty.  The development that has occurred over the past few years is really disturbing to me. And an area like Oswit Canyon which is pristine and habitat to endangered species, needs to be maintained that way,” said Ellen Lockert, a Palm Springs resident.

KMIR News reached out to the applicant of the proposed housing development, Cole Realty Advisors, they told me they have no comment.

Community members gathered to learn how to promote their cause: “more sheep, less sprawl” and gather signatures for the petition.

“We need about 5,000 registered voters in Palm Springs to sign the petition. And that will re-zone and protect Oswit Canyon,” said Garrison.