Oakland Approves Raiders $1.3 Billion Dollar Stadium Proposal

Oakland Approves Raiders $1.3 Billion Dollar Stadium Proposal


There’s light at the end of the Black Hole. 

Late Tuesday night the Oakland city council approved a $1.3 billion dollar stadium proposal to help the Raiders stay in the Bay Area.

"We want to keep our teams where they are," says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the NFL Owners Meetings in Irving, Texas. "Re-locations are painful and it’s something that we want to avoid at all cost."

While the Rams are losing games and firing coaches, the Chargers and Raiders have decisions to make about whether they’ll join them in LA in 2017. And as the season end approaches, these deadlines could hit harder than Khalil Mack.

But Raiders fans were offered a ray of hope as late last night the Oakland City Council approved a $1.3 billion billion dollar plan to build the Raiders a new stadium in Oakland. This plan includes $350 million in public money, which leaves about a billion dollars for the Raiders to raise to make this happen. 

Today at the NFL Owners league meetings, the possible relocation of the Chargers or Raiders to LA was a top item and Goodell reiterated the NFL’s preference for each team to stay put. He also pointed out the NFL hadn’t seen a real solution in any of the stadium deals proposed to date. 

So if the chargers stay in San Diego (that’s a big IF), the Raiders can decide if they want to move to LA or stay in Oakland. They’ll have until February 15th to file relocation papers. Which means the clock is ticking louder and louder to determine if the Las Vegas deal is solvent. Nevada lawmakers approved $750 million in public money, but the rest of the funds have yet to be formally raised. 

However, this latest development in Oakland deals a major blow to any talk of a relocation to Vegas. Not only does the NFL prefer the Raiders remain in Oakland, but KMIR learned Raider owner Mark Davis prefers that solution as well. But there’s a billion dollars worth of questions yet to be answered for the Raiders. The Chargers have until January 15th to decide whether to leave for LA.  

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